Thursday, February 23, 2012

God Bless our Leaders

May the gold of Sheba be given to him. May the people always pray for him and bless him all day long. May there be abundant grain throughout the land, flourishing even on the hilltops. May the fruit trees flourish like the trees of Lebanon, and my the people thrive like grass in a field. May the king's name endure forever; may it continue as long as the sun shines. May all nations be blessed through him and bring him praise. Psalm 72: 15b-17 NLT

May the people always pray for him and bless him all day long.

How many blessings have you said for your leaders today? This week? How about this year? Too busy fussing and complaining because they aren't doing what you feel is right?

I am certainly thankful that I live in a country where I can criticize my leaders. However, as a Christian I would do better to be on my knees for them more often. And my prayers should not just be “O God, make them do what I want!” Instead, I need to pray God's blessings on them, their families and their leadership. I need to be lifting up my leaders each day to God.

Take some time today to look up (if you don't already know) your leaders – local and national. Write their names down somewhere you can see every day. Begin this day to pray for them, including to ask God to bless them.


Copyright 2012 Amelia G. Sims

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