Monday, October 12, 2009

No King = Chaos

In those days, when there was no king in Israel, a certain Levite, residing in the remote parts of the hill country of Ephraim, took to himself a concubine from Bethlehem in Judah. But his concubine became angry with him, and she went away from him to her father's house at Bethlehem in Judah, and was there some four months. Then her husband set out after her, to speak tenderly to her and bring her back. He had with him his servant and a couple of donkeys. When he reached her father's house, the girl's father saw him and came with joy to meet him. Judges 19: 1- 3 NRSV

Okay, by now you are probably getting clued into the fact that there was no king in Israel means some really lawless, dispicable and slanderous behavior is going on among the people of Israel.

Remember Micah? He was from the hill country of Ephraim.
Remember the Levite? He was from Bethlehem in Judah.
Remember marriage? Obviously it went out with the law.

And what is this about the father of the concubine coming out to meet him with joy? Or is there a significance to calling the man a husband? And isn't Bethlehem in Judah supposed to be a place where really great people come from - like Boaz, David and Jesus?

Pure chaos reigns in Israel. And this is only the beginning of a gruesome tale. Obviously, there is only one solution: a king.

God, thank you for being King of my heart and my life. May all my allegiance be to you. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Question of the day: Are you in need of a judge or a king in your own spiritual life?

Copyright 2009 Amelia G. Sims

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