Sunday, January 17, 2010

Obeying Instructions

Yearly Reading: Exodus 16-19

"Six days you shall gather it; but on the seventh day, which is a sabbath, there will be none." On the seventh day some of the people went out to gather and they found none. Exodus 16: 26-27 NRSV

I have often wondered about the inability of the people to not listen to God.  I also cringe when I see God's anger that the people don't listen. Can't God make them obey? Doesn't God know they won't listen?

Then I look at my own daily life as a parent. How many times every day do I give direction and my son doesn't listen? I will find that he has not done at least one thing I ask of him each day. Even those things he does every day are hard for him to remember. He is easily distracted. And my frustration anger is just as easily set off when he does not obey.

What is this compared to what God asks of God's own people? We think of ourselves as God's children and the Israelites are certainly no different. Yet, they don't all listen to God's instructions. Some of them go out on the Sabbath to gather food even though they have been told not to so. God is pretty frustrated with them, just like a parent.

Makes me wonder what instructions God has given me but I have refused to listen.

What has God instructed you to do or not do? Have you obeyed God?

God, you give us clear instructions but we often don't listen. Forgive us for our foolish deafness and disobedience. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Copyright 2010 Amelia G. Sims


  1. I know He's telling me to stay strong and be at peace. I know He's telling me this baby will be okay. Do I listen? I'm really trying, but I still have my moments. I needed to read this today. Thank you.

  2. Hi Avery! I am glad that this was what you needed to hear yesterday. Sorry I was so late in getting today's devotional posted. Sounds like you need some prayer - let me know how I can pray for you and with you! Amelia