Monday, April 5, 2010


Then the spirit came upon Amasai, chief of the Thiry and he said, "We are yours, O David; and with you, O son of Jesse! Peace, peace to you, and peace to the one who helps you! For your God is the one who helps you." Then David received them, and made them officers of his troops. I Chronicles 12: 18 NRSV

David is unsure of the loyalty of these newest warriors who have joined him in his stronghold. Are they friend or foe? Can they be trusted? David leaves the final judgment to God - if they betray him, it is God who will carry out their punishment. However, these men promise peace to David and to God who is David's helper.

How interesting that these warriors proclaim peace to David and to God. What would a warrior know about peace? Peace is the total opposite of what a warrior knows.

Yet, it is possible that peace would be something that a warrior does know intimately. If peace is the total opposite of what a warrior does and who a warrior is - then they would know very well what peace is about. In addition, peace may be what they truly desire -- a rest from constant fighting, even if that means a lack of livelihood.

I'm no warrior. Can I know what peace is? Can I recognize peace when it comes upon me? Can I even bless others with peace?

God, peace be to you this Easter Monday! May we know true peace this day. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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