Saturday, April 24, 2010

What Has God Placed in Your Heart?

So I came to Jerusalem and was there for three days. Then I got up during the night, I and a few men with me; I told no one what my God had put into my heart to do for Jerusalem. The only animal I took was the animal I rode. Nehemiah 2:11-12 NRSV

God has given Nehemiah a dream of rebuilding Jerusalem. But he tells no one but the King, whose permission and support he receives. He tours what used to be the walls of this city under cover of darkness so that no one will know what he is planning on doing. He keeps what God has placed in his heart a secret at this time.

I don't know if I have as much restraint as Nehemiah. I would rather tell as many people as possible the plans that God has placed on my heart. I need to listen more carefully to the Spirit's urging when it is the best time to speak and when to hold back.

What thoughts, dreams or goals has God placed on your heart lately? Have you told anyone about them? Do you feel as though you should? Perhaps some of them are to be spoken of while the rest remain in your head.

Nehemiah, though, doesn't stop with his heart. He works in the night to begin his plans by walking the wall. He wants to know how bad it is (and it turns out to be worse than he had imagined). And it is only after his nighttime inspection that he reveals to all the Jewish people and leaders what God has asked him to begin.

Lord, help us to know when to express what you have placed in our hearts, when to do some "secret" inspections of our own and when to reveal your desires. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Copyright 2010 Amelia G. Sims

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