Sunday, May 2, 2010

God's Attention

What are human beings, that you make so much of them, that you set your mind on them, visit them every morning, test them every moment? Job 7: 17-18 NRSV

In Job's response to his best friend's assumption that Job has sinned, Job takes a line from the Psalms (Psalm 8:4) and makes it a complaint. It is not a wonderful and amazing thing that God notices us humans. Instead, it is dreadful because God seems to be trying to catch us humans being bad. For Job, God seems to be watching us to see if we make mistakes. Job doesn't like this because he wants just a moment to get away from God's powerful eye. Job wishes just to take a breath after all that has happened to him.

Job has done nothing wrong and he knows this. He is trying to make sense of why God would allow all his crops and cattle to be destroyed. He wants to know why God would notice Job so much to allow all his children to be killed. Job struggles to make sense of why his own faithfulness is being rewarded by his ill health.

"Stop looking at me!" Job laments. "Why do you notice me? This is not a great thing at all!"

Have you ever felt like a bug under God's microscope? Have you ever wished that God would stop noticing you if only for a moment? Perhaps you have never been there. Right now you may enjoy God's attention. Suffering, however, can seem like God's punishment for something you may feel you have or haven't done. In either case, to be noticed by God when it comes to tragedy is not a good feeling.

God, we like your attention when it is protective and loving. When we feel you are searching our hearts and minds for things we have done wrong, it is not so great. Thank you for continuing to love us regardless. You attention is really an amazing thing. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Copyright 2010 Amelia G. Sims

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