Thursday, August 9, 2012

He Spoke Foolishly

At Meribah, too, they angered the Lord, causing Moses serious trouble. They made Moses angry, and he spoke foolishly. Psalm 106: 32-33 NLT
This has got to be the ultimate passage for pastors!
How often do our church folk anger us? Anger God? Cause us serious trouble? 
They say 20% of the people can cause 80% of the problems in a church. I believe it!
I also know I have a temper and I have said foolish things from time to time. 
I have also learned to ask for forgiveness. I have learned to eat crow and admit when I have done wrong or lost my head in a situation. I wish I were more calm and slower to anger. I know I am better now than twenty years ago. 
But this passage is also for those who aren’t pastors. I know of parishioners who have been angry at one another and have not spoken because of it. Lifetime friendships have been lost because of anger, serious trouble and speaking foolishly. 
May we forgive one another. 
Copyright Amelia G. Sims 2012

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