Saturday, March 13, 2010

Assuming the Worst

The princes of the Ammonites said to their lord Hanun, "Do you really think that David is honoring your father just because he has sent messengers with condolences to you? Has not David sent his envoys to you to search the city, to spy it out and to overthrow it?" II Samuel 10:3 NRSV

David is sincere in offering his condolences to the new king of the Ammonites. But the advisers to this new king are trying to convince him that these messengers of sympathy are actually spies. The advisers end up shooting themselves in the foot as their humiliation of David's emissaries causes them to eventually be defeated by Israel. The advisers assume the worst rather than accepting these condolences on face value.

When have you assumed the worst?

As for me, I do it on a daily basis.

You don't return my phone call; you are therefore mad at me. [You have been in a meeting all day.]

You don't respond on Facebook; I have made a comment that deeply hurt your feelings. [Your computer has crashed.]

My son frowns as he gets in the car at carpool; he has had a rough day in school. [He saw me frowning first and thought I was mad.]

My husband begins asking me about my day; he needs me for a task for which I have no time. [He just wants to know what my day is going to be like.]

I always assume the worst. [Thank you, Jesus, that you don't assume the worst of me.]

God, thank you for loving us and not assuming the worst of us. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Copyright 2010 Amelia G. Sims

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