Sunday, May 6, 2012

Unfailing love and truth have met together. Righteousness and peace have kissed! Truth springs up from the earth, and righteousness smiles down from heaven. Yes, the Lord pours down his blessings. Our land will yield it bountiful harvest. Righteousness goes as a herald before him, preparing the way for his steps. Psalm 85: 10-13 NLT

In the Old Testament, there is a connection between the health of the land and the relationship between God and the people. Psalm 85 speaks of righteousness and peace coming together. Both love and truth have intersected. The result is that God sheds blessings on the land. Having Righteousness and truth means a bountiful harvest.

For us in the 21st Century, I suppose connecting our behavior to the health of the environment seems silly and unscientific. Sounds like something coming from either a revived hippy movement or a bunch of tree-hugging vegans. Yet, I don't think either of those groups would put God in the equation. For them, your treatment of the land will result in a bountiful harvest. Acting peaceful will simply mean that people treat one another decently and all will have plenty to eat.

But the psalmist has a different approach. It isn't about treating the environment with care. It is all about treating God with care. This includes being right with God and treating others with righteousness as well. Then God pours down God's blessings and the land yields its bounty.

God, help us to love our neighbors as we love ourselves. May righteousness and peace kiss in our lifetime! In Jesus' name. Amen.

Copyright 2012 Amelia G. Sims

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