Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Companions

I will search for faithful people to be my companions. Only those who are above reproach will be allowed to serve me. Psalm 101: 6 NLT

We have been talking in my church lately about how to reach the unchurched: those who either don't know Christ or have rejected Church. One of the points we have made is that the longer we are Christians, the less likely we will have contact with the unchurched or any nonChristian.

If we follow verse 6 of Psalm 101, we certainly won't have contact with anyone who is unchurched.

If you only hang out with faithful people, you will not be able to spread the message of Christ. Certainly, it is helpful to have Christian brothers and sisters to hold us up in our daily walk. But are we to be exclusive in our companionship? How will we ever establish relationships with those who are unchurched if we don't invite them to be our companions?

In fact, I begin to wonder if the psalmist will have anyone serving him. Why talk about those who serve you? Sounds like a rich snob to me!

Not sure I would want this person to be my companion.

God, you want us to be true to you yet you ask us to spread the good news. Help us to walk this fine line in your sight. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Copyright 2012 Amelia G. Sims

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