Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lord, please save us!

Please, Lord, please save us. Please, Lord, please give us success. Psalm 118: 25 NLT

This one verse is here among all these praises to God for victory. Is that victory not so sure? Is the outcome still up to God? What do the people need saving from if God has already won the battle? What  else does God need to do?

I understand in some ways. I suppose I am constantly asking God for many things. I am praying several requests at once, so even when one is answered, I still have more to ask.

Right now my prayer requests include the following:

Discernment, especially for church leaders
Protection for someone in prison
Healing for someone in pain
Healing and joy for someone who is depressed
Encouragement for my son
Guidance for God's priorities in my daily life
The Holy Spirit in my church
Protection from the evil one for my church
For God's structure in my days
For God's guidance each week
Balance of good boundaries in all my relationships
Guidance for writing
Blessings on my marriage
Wisdom in my parenting

Some of these are ongoing prayers. Others may be answered within the next day or so. Even when one is answered, I will still ask for ones unanswered. Perhaps the psalmist still had a battle to overcome and needed the Lord's help.

Take time right now to list some of your prayer requests. Ask for God's help, salvation and God's gift of success.

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