Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Law of Emotions

Your laws are wonderful. No wonder I obey them! The teachings of your word gives light, so even the simple can understand. I pant with expectation, longing for your commands. Come and show me your mercy, as you do for all who love your name. Guide my steps by your word, so I will not be overcome by evil. Ransom me from the oppression of evil people; then I can obey your commandments. Look upon me with love; teach me your decrees. Rivers of tears gush from my eyes because people disobey your instructions. Psalm 119: 129-136 NLT

These verses are full of compassion and feeling. The psalmist uses words like wonder, panting, longing, mercy, love, and tears. This sounds kind of funny when you are talking about God’s law. Shouldn’t this be an emotionless subject? 

When I even hear the word law I think about courtrooms, tight security and uptight people in suits and robes. Law is a cold word to me. 

But is not God’s law all about love? That is certainly an emotion! God’s law is also something deeply desired and it hurts when others reject it. When one is being oppressed by evil, it is harder to follow God’s law. Emotion, emotion, emotion. God’s law or word is of the heart so it is of our feelings not just our heads. 

God, come and show me your mercy, guide my steps and look upon me with love. Thank you for being in my life and in my heart.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Copyright Amelia G. Sims 2012

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