Tuesday, November 6, 2012

But the Lord is good

My back is covered with cuts, as if a farmer had plowed long furrows. But the Lord is good; he has cut me free from the ropes of the ungodly. Psalm 129: 3-4 NLT

This psalm is very powerful when you think about it. The psalmist has been whipped -- he has physically been harmed. He speaks of the marks of the whip as being plowed on his back. There are long gashes in his skin, like the furrows a plow makes in a field. Imagine the pain and the shame; what has he done to deserve such punishment?

Yet, all this physical and mental suffering has not lessened his faith in God. God is still pronounced to be good. There is no blame placed on God. Instead, God has given him freedom from the imprisonment of being an ungodly person. 

What pain and suffering are you enduring right now? How would you describe it? 

Are you able to continue to claim God’s goodness? Do you still feel free in God’s sight? 

God, you are good. You have cut me free from the ropes of the ungodly. Even as I suffer, I give you praise and glory. In Jesus’ name. Amen. 

Copyright Amelia G. Sims 2012

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