Saturday, December 8, 2012


Therefore go and make disciples o f ALL NATIONS....
Matthew 28:19a
It’s that time of year again...the time of year when

everybody goes to church, when everyone says they are a “Christian.” It’s all about spending time with
family, loving one another, gathering for Christmas celebrations and time to put that magnet sticker on
your car that says, “Jesus is the reason for the season.” And yes, He is. But even year round we
Christians forget what CHRIST is all about. I mean,
we’re Christians right? We go to church, we wear the t- shirts, we donate to the food drive, we wear our cross
necklaces, we put ‘Christian’ as our religion on facebook....
Is that all religion is?
A tradition of sanctity with rituals and rules and righteousness? What if we replaced the “religion”
for “reality” and got real with ourselves? What if we decided to get out of our Christian subculture bubble
and actually do something? What would happen if we decided to be honest with ourselves that we’re ALL
sinners? What if we decided that being a Christian isn’t about following a bunch of rules or going to a building every week, but a true lifestyle and
relationship with JESUS CHRIST Himself? What if 14
we actually BELIEVED that the GOSPEL has the POWER to save ANYONE? What if we actually took
God for His HOLY WORD and followed His decree of spreading the Gospel? Would you do it?
He tells us to "go and make disciples of all nations" so you say, “I'll just try to be a ‘good’ Christian (as if there’s such thing) and invite my neighbor to church.” For the record, it’s not that easy. We
constantly forget that the Holy Spirit dwells inside of us and that we have been given the same power
that conquered the grave! So, what if we actually
TOLD them about Jesus and the GOSPEL and showed them that they can live free from sin and death
and have a reconciled life with the God of the universe? Would anything change? What if you shared
the GOSPEL with not just your neighbors, but your friends, and your friends' friends and their friends
and the drive through guy, and your waitress, and the guys outside the bar, and the elderly, and the
atheist, and the widow, and that guy that just cut
you off on the interstate, and that girl with the
tattoos,andtheguyinthesuit,and thebullyat school, the immigrants, the people who traffic women
and children, the child in Africa, the man from Canada, The people in Japan, Somalia, France, Ukraine, with all the people who are......sinners?
What would happen then?
Let’s see! Ready.........set......GO!
God, if you are
FOR us, who can be AGAINST us? May we
truly share the gospel. Amen. Laura  Vinson

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