Sunday, July 17, 2011

God's Way

The Lord is good and does what is right; he shows the proper path to those who go astray. He leads the humble in what is right, teaching them his way. The Lord leads with unfailing love and faithfulness all those who keep his covenant and obey his decrees. Psalm 25: 8-10 NLT

What is God's way? Why do I continue to want to do things my way? Why am I always having to be shown the proper path because I have gone astray? God is good and does what is right. God leads with unfailing love and faithfulness. I try to keep God's covenant and obey God's decrees but it is so easy to make excuses and rationalize my behavior.

There is a person in my church who always gets their way. They are like a spoiled child that everyone lets do their own thing in order to avoid a temper tantrum. I have been fussing to my husband lately about this person. But in reading this psalm, I realize how much I am like that other person. I, too, seem to always get my way. Recently I had a fit with my parents in order to go to eat where I wanted to eat. And me a grown woman and my parents well over retirement age!

I do the same thing with God.

What about you?

God, you are good and do what is right. You try to show us the proper path. You attempt to lead us in what is right. You show us unfailing love and faithfulness. Yet, we are here still trying to throw a tantrum and stomping our feet. We want our way rather than your way. Be gentle with us, Lord, and show us the right path. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Copyright 2011 Amelia G. Sims

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