Sunday, August 12, 2012

Even in the worst, God is the best

Even so, he pitied them in their distress and listened to their cries. He remembered his covenant with them and relented because of his unfailing love. He even caused their captors to treat them with kindness. Psalm 106: 44-46 NLT 

Even in the midst of the worst the people had done, God still loved them.

Even when their own sins had destroyed them, God still loved them. 

Even when their distress was their own fault, God still loved them. 

God remembered God’s covenant -- even when the people did not.

God relented because of God’s unfailing love -- even when the people’s love for God was nonexistent.

God let their captors treat them with kindness -- even when they had done nothing to deserve it. 

God, thank you for all the times when you continue to love me even when I fail you time and again. Thank you for remembering your promises to me, even when I have forgotten them. Thank you for letting even my enemies treat me with kindness, even while I have done nothing to deserve it. Thank you. In Jesus’ name. amen. 

Copyright Amelia G. Sims 2012

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